Spotify Now has Latest AudioCraft Singles

Two [Relatively] new AudioCraft singles have just just added on Spotify:








"Not Quite Tomorrow"

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CD Baby Offers Deployment

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AudioCraft Soundtrack: Rocket Gold

There is nothing like an actual project with a schedule to help speed the move from the experimental phase into actual production. Such was the case in the creation of a soundtrack for a big update to the iPhone game Rocket Gold. It is fun little game and I had a nice time developing the right sounds and music for it. It is Game Center enabled and you'll find yours truly a player as "AudioCraft" -- I suck so come beat my score ;)

The final tracks that got used can be found here on SoundCloud...

Rocket Gold Soundtrack - Final Tracks by AudioCraft

Download the game Rocket Gold here


A New Begining

So the old site wasn't very easy to update and as a result it seldom was. Moving to WordPress should help that significantly. The original content has all been migrated, but if you'd like, the old site is still accessible here (at least for now).

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Follow AudioCraft on Twitter

Stay up to date on what is going on with AudioCraft by reading status updates from Twitter

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Nine Inch Nails Remix Posted

The AudioCraft mix of "Me, I'm Not" by NIN available now at


Trance Experimental Rereleased on iTunes

No longer around on CD, fans will be pleased to know your collection can now be completed with the re-release of debut The Trance Experimental, now available at iTunes

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AudioCraft on

Most every AudioCraft track may now be streamed from iLike.comBecome a fan and get updates and alerts as more is added!

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New AudioCraft Video

Finally something new from AudioCraft-- a video of a Treo phone taking a pretty good beating, set to new music by AudioCraft

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AudioCraft at MySpace

Finally on the bandwagon: check it out at
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