Digital Distribution Announcement

The new Deployment release can now be found at iTunes and Napster.
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Deployment Release

Several older tracks previously only available online have been remastered with some new material to make up this first official release. Now available on CD at or on MP3 at iTunes

  1. Launch Conditions
  2. D.C. Metro
  3. Dirt Jam
  4. I.C. Fridge
  5. Sucking On The Sun
  6. InternalST
  7. Bloody Bells
  8. BottleDown
  9. Play For Now
  10. KP297
  11. Wormhole
  12. Life In Space
  13. Execute Deferred

[Deployment Press Kit]

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2006 Studio Pics

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Original AudioCraft Release Available Online

The Trance Experimental
No longer available, this release can still be found online at places like, but was originally available on CD via (back when they provided their print-on-demand distribution services).
  1. Play Now
  2. Sucking On The Sun
  3. Bottledown
  4. Dirt Jam
  5. Soothe Box
  6. No 6481
  7. 600 Pound Fun
  8. Over
  9. IC Fridge
  10. Time Away
  11. Patrol
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